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Health + Healing

We help you uncover new ways to manage illness, promote wellness, and move ONWARD.

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Welcome to better health.

ONWARD is an integrative medical practice that focuses on combining Health + Healing modalities from both Eastern and Western medicine in a collaborative manner. At ONWARD, we strongly believe in helping our clients prepare for all of life’s future endeavors in the healthiest and most productive way possible.

A Lifestyle Approach to Health + Healing

Today, patients need help navigating all aspects of the Health + Healing industry. We started ONWARD to support individuals by providing our knowledge, guidance, and healing resources. Our team works with you to develop ways to hold yourself accountable and achieve your goals, all while finding a sense of stability and balance. 

Because when we each feel our best, the world gets better.

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Anxiety Depression Brain Fog Gut Health Fatigue Sleep Disorders Weakened Immunity Stress Management
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Our Story

After experiencing firsthand the limitations within the current healthcare system, the ONWARD team realized the need for a customizable medical program that welcomes the use of all healing modalities, with the goal of helping individuals live their best life and encouraging all to move ONWARD. The name was chosen after our founder Kate noticed that during trying times her father signed his emails “ONWARD.” We feel this perfectly encapsulates the spirit of our service.

We strive to support individuals’ well-being with our knowledge, guidance, and healing resources.

Our logo tells our story: Rosemary symbolizes remembrance for each individual’s story.  Thyme symbolizes courage to face the challenges on your journey ahead.

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Meet Kate Li, FNP-C, IFMCP

Kate, a friendly “people person” if there ever was one, is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner. Over the last 10 years, she has worked in emergency medicine, outpatient surgery, rheumatology, and primary care. She incorporates the foundations of functional medicine into her daily life, including physical movement and stress management, as well as alternative healing modalities, such as reiki and acupuncture. She enjoys learning about individuals’ stories, discovering what makes them tick, and figuring out how she can be of assistance to them. Health + Healing is her goal for all her clients. 

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ONWARD to Better Health

Anti-Discrimination clause

ONWARD is a customized and personal approach to wellness. We are health care providers who are well versed in medical needs and are translators of the hard data. We decrease the number of appointments you’ll have to go to, increase your health outcome success, and make sure your voice is heard. 

Patients have the right to be treated considerately and respectfully regardless of their or their family’s race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, cultural background, economic status, education, or illness.

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